Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crash Week 2

This week brought me hope.
Awesome, right?!
I know I'm a few days late on posting this, but I have been so busy lately! On top of my organic supplements I have been taking, I also have been working with my husband's aunt who works as a holistic energy practitioner. I know that sounds kind of weird... but I promise you, it has been changing me and changing my life for the better! She works with a program called Bach Remedies. Everything they do is with natural flowers and the soul, so to speak, of the flower. What it does is you take the "soul" in drops everyday and the soul of that flower does something with yours. Whether it's Holly which helps with your anger, or whatever. But it helps your personality, and your spirit communicate better to become one with the other and create peace in your life and self.
Some of you probably are thinking... this girl has lost her mind! But, it's been one week and I've only gotten truly upset maybe once. Which, those of you who know me, know that I am very quick to get defensive and upset.
Talking to Cheryl, Michael's aunt, she has reassured me that this is just the beginning of my changing and "rewiring". She's let me know that over the course of the next few weeks the changes will get stronger and really let me be the true me.
I don't know if I could be doing as well through my chemical changes if I wasn't healing my inner being. You need to heal your chemical being, but you can't truly do that unless your spiritual being isn't healthy. Everything links to your emotions, whether it's you being sick, depression, asthma, whatever. That all comes from a core root that your spirit created. And fixing that is allowing me to fix my chemical health as well!
I know this is a huge rant on not my IUD, but this has made my week amazing! My husband has noticed a huge change and even last night said he's loved spending time with me and being around me! Because my "usual" habits and issues haven't been an issue!
Am I 100% better? Oh no, I have a journey ahead of me. And, I'm so ready for it! I am trying to get the want to work out again... that's been a bit of a battle for me... but I'll get there! Because I'm feeling better inside, I now want to feel better outside again! I haven't had that in a long time.
As I said... this week has brought me hope. And it feels incredible! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crash Week 1

Well I got through my full first week. It's been... Difficult to say the least. I have noticed a difference with my sleeping which has been so nice! I actually wake up feeling like I slept the night before! That's awesome! However, my supplements I'm taking for my detox are so disgusting! But throughout the day I can tell that they help get me through the day and make it easier to do so. But, as the evening comes and everything is starting to get out of my system, I become so cranky and short with everyone and everything around me. My husband has been very patient with me which I am very thankful. Instead of fueling the Fire like he could he has been giving me my space and letting me just be.
I have been kinda not 100% on the eating organic like I'm supposed to, but I am eating like 80% organic. I know in order to have the full effect I need to be 100% and I'm gonna do better! It's just so hard. Husband doesn't want to eat organic he loves his frozen pizzas too much, so we can't eat together and it isn't fun haha.
I'm just gonna keep plugging away. I haven't noticed a big weight loss, probably 2 pounds this week which hey, I will take any loss! But of course I would have loved some miracle 20 pound loss... Not realistic I know.
My coffee withdrawal on top of all of this has definitely played a part in how tough this week has been. I know my body is addicted to it and that isn't a good thing. But, as my doctor warned, my body is going through withdrawals from the IUD.
I'm trying to stay positive throughout the process but I won't lie that my patience is being crazy tried right now. One week down... Quite a few more to go! Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today's the Day!

As I previously explained, that later this month my IUD would be removed. Well! Today is that day! My nerves are all over the place! So excited, in yet so nervous! I don't know how my body is going to react and how my hormones will be!
AHH! So nervous!
I know this is the right thing for me though! Yesterday, I went over to the organic supplement shop next to my work, Shirlyn's, to get all of the supplements and vitamins I need to start my detox. I handed the lady there my shopping list for help finding all of it; she instantly looks at me asking if I am trying to boost my estrogen levels. I explained to her that was close, but that I am getting this devil of a contraption removed. She instantly stopped in her tracks, looked at me, and starts saying how sorry she is that I have had to battle this and that she has helped many women: customers, friends, and family members battle this.
I started my supplements and all organic eating this morning... one is absolutley disgusting... blasted slow dissolving tablet... BUT! I know that this is going to be hard, but the best thing I could EVER do for myself!
I am hoping to blog twice a week, beginning and end of the week, with my feelings and progress. This is going to be the biggest blessing of a battle I will go through! Thank you so much for everyone helping me through this and your support! I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to you!

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Truth About the Mirena.

This is a really... hard post for me to do. It's hard because I am putting a lot out there and really being honest with myself and whoever is reading this.
2 years ago I had a Mirena IUD implanted as my form of birth control. At first, it was the world's best idea! I would never forget to take it everyday, it was supposed to be hormone free, etc. I was so happy and so excited for it, and just had the highest hopes for it.

Well, it's been 2 years and I don't think I could be more miserable with it. I, along with many women that I have been reading from, have had nothing but problems with the Mirena.

Over 2 years I went from *Deep Breath* 145 pounds to almost 200. I never, in my life, thought I would ever be this fat, or unhappy. My poor husband has been so patient to deal with all the problems this has caused. Not only did I gain, I could not lose the weight. It's there and refuses to move anywhere but up. I was working out for 2 hours a day and eating nothing but chicken and veggies and lost about 5 pounds in 3 months. I was furious! That is not normal nor ok!

Each day, my depression and anxiety were getting worse. I was having anxiety attacks minimum of once a week. My Anti-Depressants weren't working. And I lost sight of who I was. I lost all pride in myself and my surroundings. I hated who I was looking at in the mirror. And nothing I did helped. No facial or skin care products could get rid of the acne covering my body as a side effect. I couldn't lose weight. And my depression just slowly began to consume me.

Then, one day, my husband couldn't take it anymore. He was so upset that I just stopped caring about myself and lack of pride I had. Though, it was so needed for me to hear, of course, it caused yet another anxiety attack. That's when I realized that this was so unhealthy for me and that I needed to do something about it.

During my research, I found a woman who took a stand and did something about what horrors this birth control does to women. She created a detox that gets you through the "Mirena Crash" that occurs once it is removed, and helps rid your body of the toxins that the copper and fake hormones it produces inside your body. The Mirena stops your body from creating progesterone and produces a fake one that literally breaks down the strength the woman normally has.

After talking to my husband I have decided to take part in this detox, and have my Mirena removed later this month. I want for this to help me in my quest for my health again; and my ability to post my progress and how I feel throughout the process.

I have many friends who have had the same issues and side effects from the Mirena, and others who have thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I don't know if they just haven't had it in long enough or if their body really just likes it more than others'. I don't mean this to be depressing, but, I hope for it to be enlightening, and helpful for women experiencing similar problems.

I want to give women hope that they can get healthy too. And that there is a better, healthier life, after the birth control is removed from their body. Please feel free to post your experiences or any ideas and suggestions that you feel will help! I know I am not alone in this battle agains the IUD.

Wish me luck!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Long Time, No See.

So, I know I do not have many followers, however, I have a reason for blogging this lovely, ridiculously early morning! And, yes, as always I have a song and a band bio for you all to love and cherish :)

So! In order to get to our regular paid programming ;) You MUST read all of this prior!
My sister, Gentri, is in the runnings to be the next Mormon Bachelorette! Yes, it is a show, it runs on YouTube! Voting opened up yesterday, and as of right now she is in 3rd place. Well, now, you all should know that is just not acceptable! Here is her audition video she did!

Now, aren't you all in love with how adorable she is?! So! Now, you must go vote for her by: Liking, Commenting, and Sharing her Facebook picture on their voting album! PLEASE Comment a few times if you'd like and share multiple times!!! We need these numbers!!!! So click this link and go vote for this adorable lady!!

Now, here is our usual routine of music loving goodness! You only get to listen if you went and did all you could to help miss Gentri win though! Otherwise just walk away from the computer! No music for you!

Our band today is.... THE PAPER KITES!!! Possibly one of my top 3 favorite bands! They have such an amazing sound, insanely gorgeous lyrics and melodies, and they just all around are the best!

The Paper Kites are an indie folk band from Melbourne, Australia. The band was formed in 2009 by Sam Bentley and Christina Lacy and consists of Bentley, Lacy, Dave Powys, Josh Bentley and Sam Rasmussen. They initially found their success online, through listeners spreading their songs and music videos.Before the formation of the Paper Kites, the current five members were close friends. In high school, Sam Bentley and Christina Lacy began writing and playing music together and continued to do so for a few years after high school. They gained some attention by playing in their home town of Melbourne, Victoria.

In 2010, they were accepted to play at a local music festival, and Bentley and Lacy decided to expand the line up for the show. Sam Rasmussen, David Powys and Josh Bentley then joined the group. Sam Bentley, Powys and Rasmussen were each playing in separate bands when the group decided to play together. Sam Bentley knew Rasmussen because they had worked together in a warehouse after high school. Josh Bentley (Sam Bentley's cousin) was asked to join, as Sam knew and liked Josh’s drumming style. Powys was added to the band because Sam Bentley and Lacy were fans of his other band and knew he was a solid guitarist and singer. David initially agreed to play the gig so long as it did not interfere with his other band at the time. After the success of their first show together, they decided to continue.
And I am so glad they did!
The progression of this sound, along with the band's many musical inspirations, has pushed them into a range of different genres. When asked about their style of music, Bentley has mentioned, "We are whatever we released on the last record". The band are known for switching instruments live and for their ethereal, moody sound.

Well, here you go! Enjoy one of many of my favorite songs!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fitz and the Tantrums!

Alright, so it's been a long time since I have posted anything here; so my come back had to be a pretty epic song! Therefore, I HAD to pick FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS! This band is all about beat! They are an upbeat band with such an incredible sound!
Fitz and The Tantrums were founded by Michael Fitzpatrick in 2008. Michael Fitzpatrick contacted one of his college buddies who played the saxophone in 2008 wanting to put together a band! His buddy, James King, recommended the band members: singer Noelle Scaggs and drummer John Wicks. In turn, Wicks brought on bassist, Joseph Karnes, and keyboardist, Jeremy Ruzumna.
According to Fitzpatrick, the band immediately clicked. He has said, "It was literally like five phone calls, one rehearsal, and we could have played a show that night."
Having purchased an old Conn electronic organ, he was inspired to write the song "Breakin' the Chains of Love" that same night! Their debut album Pikin' Up the Pieces released in August of 2010, has received critical acclaim and reached Number 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart!
How awesome is that?! This band legitimately loves each other like family and they are still creating awesome music! So, here it is; One Awesome song and band for one AWESOME comeback!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Alt-J Cover

Ellie Goulding is an artist everyone in our day and age knows. She did a cover of an awesome indie band called Alt-J. This song is Tessellate. IT'S AWESOME!!! Since everyone knows Ellie, I decided to share her version and then the history of Alt-J; and also their original version of this so you can pick which you prefer :)
Alt-J was formed when Gwil Sainsbury (keyboards), Joe Newman (guitar/vocals), Gus Unger-Hamilton (guitarist/bassist) and Thom Green (drums) met at Leeds University in 2007.
Unger-Hamilton studied English Literature, the other three Fine Art. Newman showed Sainsbury a handful of his own songs and, the pair began recording in their halls rooms with Sainsbury acting as producer on GarageBand.The quartet spent two years rehearsing before signing a deal with Infectious Records in 2011.
The name "Alt-J" is an allusion to the Greek uppercase letter delta which can be typed on Apple Mac OS X by the key sequence alt + J. "Alt-J" were formerly known as both 'Daljit Dhaliwal' and 'Films'